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Apply for Co-op

Please review the terms, fees, and academic requirements of the Co-op Program before you submit your application.


  1. Completion of SC/COOP 2000 2.00 – Introductory Professional Communications before going on your first work term, usually in Fall of your 2nd year
  2. Completion of the mandatory Resume/Cover Letter workshop
  3. Successful competition, through an interview process, for a first, second, or third co-op work term
  4. Maintenance of academic standing requirements
  5. Completion of required enrollment forms and performance reviews
  6. Students understand that they will not be “placed” with an employer. The student is expected to conduct their own job search while utilizing all the resources that are available to them

Participation in the Co-op Program will be indicated on the transcript via the SC/COOP 2000 2.00 academic course and by the SC/COOP 2001 0.00, SC/COOP 3001 0.00 and SC/COOP 3002 0.00 work term courses. The academic courses will receive a letter grade, the work term courses receive a Pass/Fail grade.


  1. The academic course (SC/COOP 2000 2.00) carries the normal per credit fee
  2. Program Enrollment Fee – $200 (This fee is to cover the costs of providing customized job search and career support services for co-op students, access to the co-op job posting board and the overall administration of the program)
  3. Work term courses (per course, i.e. for each 4 month work term) – $475

Academic Requirements:

For the Co-op Program, student eligibility will be decided on a case-by-case basis. The key criteria are that students must be able to contribute in a professional workplace setting and should therefore have:

  1. Completed a minimum of 48 credits before their work term
  2. Maintain an overall cumulative GPA at 5.0 and a Major GPA of 6.0