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Erez Freud

Erez Freud

Picture of Erez Freud
Erez Freud
Associate Professor

Eligible to Supervise

Biology Graduate Program


The Freud lab


Office Location 1008 Sherman Health Science Research Centre Keele Campus
Phone Number 6475634049

Research Interests

The Freud lab is focused on the investigation of the cognitive and neural processes that mediate our ability to perceive the world around us and to interact with objects in our environment.

Humans recognize and manipulate objects in their environments with astonishing ease and accuracy. These behaviors emerge early in life, are refined with development and largely persist across the entire lifespan and into older adulthood. The primary goals of the lab are to understand the cognitive and neural mechanisms that contribute to object recognition and the visuomotor control of objects, to characterize the interface between these two functions, and to describe their emergence over development and their breakdown after brain damage or with aging.

To elucidate the psychological and neural bases of these various visual functions, we combine cutting-edge functional MRI techniques and diverse behavioral methods (e.g., psychophysics, tracking of hand movements and neuropsychological testing), with typical and special populations, including children, older adults, and patients with brain lesions.

CV of Erez Freud

Research Areas

Physiology and Neuroscience