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Science, Technology and Society Undergraduate Major (BA & BSc)

Students majoring in STS will gain interdisciplinary perspectives from the humanities and social sciences to understand the relationships between science, technology and society.

What courses do I need to take for the STS major?

If you pursue a BA or BSc major in STS, the total number of credits you require will depend on which type of degree you want (see links below). Most STS majors will need to take a series of required core courses (24 credits total). These courses include: 

  1. STS 1411 3.0: Introduction to Science, Technology and Society
  2. STS 2411 3.0: Exploring Science, Technology and Society
  3. STS 2010 3.0: History of Modern Science 
  4. STS 2210 3.0: Technology in the Modern World
  5. STS 2222 3.0: Exploring Gender in STEM  
  6. STS 2333 3.0: Science, Technology & Racial Social Justice
  7. STS 4501 6.0: Capstone: Science, Technology and Society Seminar

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