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Honours Minor BA Program

Program Requirements (BA)

The STS Honours Minor BA program may be combined with any approved Honours BA Major program that offers a major/minor option in the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change, the Faculty of Health, the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, the Faculty of Science, the Lassonde School of Engineering, or the School of Arts, Media, Performance and Design. Possible subject combinations are listed under the Undergraduate Degree Programs in the Faculty of Science Undergraduate Degree and Certificate Program Section.

Note: in a major/minor program, a course may count only once towards major credit.

Major Credits: students must complete at least 30 credits in science, technology and society, including:

The STS minor program core (18 credits). The program core for the STS minor is defined as:

  1. SC/STS 1411 3.0: Introduction to Science, Technology and Society
  2. SC/STS 2411 3.0: Exploring Science, Technology and Society
  3. SC/STS 2010 3.00: History of Modern Science (cross-listed to AP/HIST 2810 3.0) or SC/STS 2210 3.00: Technology in the Modern World (cross-listed to AP/HIST 2822 3.0)
  4. SC/STS 2222 3.0: Exploring Gender in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) or SC/STS 2333 3.0: Science, Technology and Racial Social Justice
  5. SC/STS 4501 6.0: Capstone: Science, Technology and Society Seminar

Additional 12 Credits

An additional 12 credits chosen from the list of STS minor options in Life Sciences and Society (LSS), Technology, Innovation and Society (TIS), or Earth, Sustainability and Society (ESAS) Life Sciences and Society

  1. Life Sciences and Society (LSS) courses include:
    • SC/STS 3740 3.0: How Darwinism Developed: A History of Evolutionary Biology
    • SC/STS 3750 3.0: Genomics and Society
    • SC/STS 3780 3.0: Biomedicine and Society
    • SC/STS 4780 3.0: Epidemics in the Modern World
    • SC/STS 4785 3.0: Science, Health and Food
  2. Technology Innovation and Society (TIS) courses include:
    • SC/STS 3400 3.0: Thinking With Things
    • SC/STS 3500 3.0: The Global Information Society
    • SC/STS 3600 3.0: Technological Failure
    • SC/STS 3726 3.0: Technology, Experts and Society
    • SC/STS 3730 3.0: Science, Technology and Modern Warfare
    • SC/STS 3755 3.0: Emergence of Cosmology as Science
    • SC/STS 3760 3.0: Nature, Knowledge and New Worlds, 1500-1800
    • SC/STS 4090 3.0: Science in the Wild
  3. Earth, Sustainability and Society (ESAS) courses include: 
    • SC/STS 3725 3.0: Science and Exploration
    • SC/STS 3770 3.0: Issues in the Modern Physical Sciences
    • SC/STS 3775 3.0: Physics in the 20th Century
    • SC/STS 3790 3.0: Science and Technology in Global Development
    • SC/STS 4650 3.0: Science and Romanticism
    • SC/STS 4655 3.0: From the Ark to the Anthropocene

Note: at least six credits in the minor must be at the 4000 level.

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