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Degree Options & Requirements

Beyond choosing to study Information Technology, you’ve got the option to customize how you learn. You can select the length and depth of specialization within your degree—whether it’s through a three-year Bachelor of Arts or one of our more intensive four-year honours bachelor’s program streams. If you’re weighing two subjects of interest but can’t make a decision, you’re able to declare a major, which would be your primary area of study, as well as a minor, or secondary subject. Or give them equal billing and go for a double major. Whatever path you envision, you’ll have choices to accommodate you along the way.

Not sure which courses you need to enrol in to complete the requirements for your degree? The checklists below are intended as guides to help you select which courses you need to take.


Choose the checklist for the year you began your study. These checklists do not provide official confirmation of your eligibility to graduate. To find out which courses you have already completed toward your degree, use the Degree Progress Report. For more help, contact your academic advisor.

Specialized Honours Bachelor of Arts (BA)

The Specialized Honours BA ITEC, is the most technical option with a strong focus on ITEC courses. Choose the Specialized Honours for robust technical training.

Honours BA

The Honours BA ITEC is a technical option with a solid presence of technical and IT methodology courses but also more electives and choices. Choose this Honours for flexibility in building a learning path that fits your inclinations.

Specialized Honours Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

The Specialized Honours BCom-ITEC is a combination of technical and IT methodology courses offered by ITEC with pure business courses offered from the School of Administrative Studies. Excellent choice for business-inclined learners.

Honours Double Major BA

Technology is not your only passion? You can combine a key part of the ITEC curriculum with any other program in Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS) designated as double major.

Explore other Double Major programs offered in LA&PS (PDF)

Honours Major/Minor BA

You can combine a major part of the ITEC curriculum with a minor part of any other program in LA&PS designated as minor.

Explore other Minor programs offered in LA&PS (PDF)

Honours Minor BA

Just want ITEC as a secondary focus? Combine a minor part of the ITEC curriculum with a main program of study in LA&PS designated as major.

Explore other Major programs offered in LA&PS (PDF)

General BA

No time for a four-year degree? This ordinary three-year 90-credit program allows students to get some basic knowledge of the Information Technology field.