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ITEC 4000: Independent Research Project

The Independent Research Project in Information Technology is a for-credit ITEC course for 4th year students. Students who take ITEC 4000 spend a period of time working on a research and/or development project under the supervision of a faculty member of the School of Information Technology.

The exact work and required deliverables and deadlines vary depending on the supervisor and the project nature. They often include - but are not limited to - literature reviews, development of tools, instruments and example applications, data collection and analysis or research reports and presentations. ITEC 4000 is graded like any other course, based on the performance of the student in the project. The title of the ITEC 4000 project (max length of 40 characters) will appear in the student's transcripts.

Benefits of an IRP

Exposure to advanced research methods

Develop new technical skills

Prepares you for graduate programs

Added to your transcript

One on one mentorship with an ITEC prof

Getting Started

Meet the Pre-Requisities

To enrol in ITEC4000 you must meet the course's minimum prerequisites. These include the General Prerequisites (1st and 2nd year courses) and many of the 3rd-year courses such as ITEC 3210, ITEC 3220 and ITEC 3230.

In addition to the minimum prerequisites, the supervisors may also have other qualifications to consider an application, such having taken additional courses (often above a grade level), have certain skills, meet GPA requirements etc.

Please check the detailed prerequisite listings by searching for ITEC4000 on the Course Timetables website.

Find a Project

To enrol in ITEC 4000 you have to first find a faculty member willing to supervise you. Browse the available projects below. Each position offers at a minimum a project description and a list of qualifications.

Should you be interested to know more or apply for any of the projects you can simply contact the project supervisor directly or use the form.

Expression of Interest Form

Agreement & Registration

As ITEC 4000 is very demanding, supervisors have to make sure that you qualify for the project, prior to allowing you to enrol. They may ask you for additional information such as transcripts and CV and they may even interview you (even if they know you from their class).

Once a supervisor has agreed to admit you for ITEC 4000 you need to complete this registration form. Complete the parts that are relevant and known to you (Name, St. Number, etc.) and email it to the supervisor. The supervisor will then complete it, sign it and give it back to you for submission to the ITEC main office, which will complete your registration.

Registration Form (PDF)

Available ITEC4000 Projects