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BA Honours Double Major and Honours Major/Minor Programs

The following Honours Major in science, technology and society may be combined with an Honours Major in another subject area in a BA Double Major degree program, or with an Honours Minor in another subject area in an Honours Major/Minor BA Degree Program. Possible subject combinations are listed under Undergraduate Degree Programs in the Faculty of Science Undergraduate Degree and Certificate Programs section. Note: in a double major program, a course may count only once towards a major credit.

Major Credits

Students will take at least 42 credits in science, technology and society, including:

The STS major program core (24 credits) The program core for the STS major is defined as:

  • SC/STS 1411 3.0: Introduction to Science, Technology and Society
  • SC/STS 2411 3.0: Exploring Science, Technology and Society
  • SC/STS 2010 3.0: History of Modern Science(cross-listed to AP/HIST 2810 3.0)
  • SC/STS 2210 3.0: Technology in the Modern World (cross-listed to AP/HIST 2822 3.0)
  • SC/STS 2222 3.0: Exploring Gender in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
  • SC/STS 2333 3.0: Science, Technology and Racial Social Justice
  • SC/STS 4501 6.0: Capstone: Science, Technology and Society Seminar
  • 18 additional credits chosen from the science, technology and society list of courses, including at least six credits at the 4000 level

Note: at least 12 credits in the major at the 4000 level. 

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