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Help for Undergraduates

You can find information about the start and finish of the term, course add and drop dates.

You can find information on current course timetables and schedules.

Each course director will have specifics about missed tests and deferred exams. Students are advised to consult with their course director for details.  In most circumstances you will need to complete and submit a Deferred Standing Agreement to the Course Director.

Based on academic grounds, questions or concerns about course work and grades must first be discussed and/or reviewed with the Course Director. If no resolution can be made with the Course Director, students can request a formal grade reappraisal.  Contact the office for further information about the grade reappraisal policies and procedures.

York University shall make reasonable and appropriate accommodations and adaptations in order to promote the ability of students with disabilities to fulfill the academic requirements of their programs. The nature and extent of accommodations shall be consistent with and supportive of the integrity of the curriculum and of the academic standards of programs or courses.

Students should inform the course instructor within the first two weeks of the course or as soon as possible of any academic accommodations.

Counseling and Disability Services -

York Accessibility Hub -

A student registered with CDS, and choosing to write with Alternate Exams, is

responsible for making the appropriate writing arrangements within the timeframes outlined by Alternate Exams.

Alternate Exams -

Academic Advising helps students with making informed decisions about academics and progress through their program.  Academic advising can help with program and degree requirements, degree options, grade report and academic standing, information and referrals to academic and campus services and resources, and more.

Each faculty will have an Academic Advising office for students.  Find your home faculty advising here:

If you are taking an STS course, Bethune College services offers student support which can help you with your academic goals.

Get Help.

Academic honesty requires that persons do not falsely claim credit for the ideas, writing or other intellectual property of others, either by presenting such works as their own or through impersonation.  Similarly, academic honesty requires that persons do not cheat (attempt to gain an improper advantage in an academic evaluation), nor attempt or actually alter, suppress, falsify or fabricate any research data or results, official academic record, application or document. Finally, academic honesty requires that persons do not aid or abet others to commit an offence of academic dishonesty, including intentional acts to disrupt academic activities.

Suspected breaches of academic honesty will be investigated and charges shall be laid if reasonable and probable grounds exist.

Please familiarize yourself with the full Senate Policy on Academic Honesty, found at

Also familiarize yourself with the SPARK Academic Honesty tutorial found at

If you are struggling academically because of a critical incident or academic crisis and do not want to share this with your course director, please, contact York’s Office of Students Community Relations for further assistance. They can provide you with the support and advise you require.

Computing support is available to students who need help with accessing and troubleshooting various information technology such as email, Passport York, eClass, and wireless access.

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