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Blog 209

Blog 209

Pedagogy that Aids Transition for Higher-Ed Students (PATHS)

By Yasaman Delaviz, Educational Developer and Curricular Specialist Faculty of Health, Kathleen Fortune, Assistant Professor Psychology, Azeezah Jafry, Graduate Research Assistant, Brian Nairn, Educational Developer Teaching Commons, Karin Page-Cutrara, Associate Professor Nursing, Associate Dean for Learning, Teaching and Academic Programs, Nicolette Richardson, Associate Professor Kinesiology, and Lynda van Dreumel, Assistant Professor School of Health and Policy Management

This is the second instalment in a series of blog posts about Pedagogy that Aids Transition for Higher-Ed Students (PATHS). You can view the first vlog here and learn about taking a curricular approach to student transition.  

In this second vlog post, you will learn about the five PATHS attributes that are key to student success (Self Reflection, Self-Regulation, Teamwork, Scaffolded Learning, and Connections to the Real World) and how to use our PATHS toolkit to create learning opportunities for students in your courses. 

For more information about Pedagogy that Aids Transition, visit our PATHS Website or feel free to email Yasaman Delaviz or Lynda van Dreumel.