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Blog 255

Blog 255

Student Consultants at York University’s Teaching Commons

Dear Faculty,

It is our pleasure to introduce to you our team of Student Consultants on Learning and Teaching at York University's Teaching Commons. At our core, the Student Consultant team is a dynamic, interdisciplinary collective of students dedicated to offering faculty diverse and authentic student perspectives to better support all learners at York. We are actively learning about different approaches to pedagogy and effective consultation practice; so, during consultations, we aim to support educators by providing actionable feedback. When our team collaborates, our varied perspective from different disciplines, and lived experiences, enables us to offer a range of insights and distinct perspectives. We work to understand the practical approach to teaching and offer suggestions that foster learner-centered learning.

Our team offers consultations that include but are not limited to:

  • eClass reviews
  • Syllabi reviews
  • Assignment reviews
  • Classroom observations
  • We will thoughtfully review material from your course and help answer any questions you may have about what changes can be considered to continue to better respond to student needs.

Our student perspective aims to keep faculty interest and your unique teaching context in mind. After all, even though we are students, we are all on the same team, with the same goal – to support education practices and student learning. Our expertise lies in our recent student experience so we can offer you our perspective on what will enhance the learning and overall education experience of your students.

The Student Consultant team is here to support your journey of integrating student voices and perspectives, embedding student-lived experiences into your curricula, and furthering learner-centred teaching methods.

We look forward to any opportunity we have to meet you and work with you! Click here to indicate your interest in meeting with us.

To learn more about our Student Consultants on Learning & Teaching, as well as other students as partners programming in the Teaching Commons, please visit the Teaching Commons website.