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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in teaching and learning

Are you wondering how generative AI, like ChatGPT, will affect teaching and learning in higher education? We have collected some resources, in a variety of formats, together in one place as a starting point. This page will be continually updated, and please feel free to email for suggestions or question you are seeking answers to.

If you are looking for professional development opportunities related to artificial intelligence (AI) in teaching and learning, check out a list of events from our website calendar.

Robin Sutherland-Harris

Featured article

A bot aced my homework: How ChatGPT is impacting the academic experience

By Sharon Aschaiek, in The York University Magazine, Summer 2023, featuring Dr. Robin Sutherland-Harris (pictured left), Educational Developer in the Teaching Commons

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Introductory resources

robot arm and human arm outstretched with index figure almost touching

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A 3-page document, part of the Teaching Commons food for thought series, that gives an overview of generative AI, and links to a variety of resources.

AI and Education

Join this self-paced, unfacilitated version of our popular Teaching Commons course. Engage at your own pace as you explore resources and respond to teaching challenges in the landscape of generative AI.

AI technology and academic integrity

A web-based resource on the York University academic integrity website that offers instructors support with navigating generative AI in relation to academic integrity.

Sabzalieva, E., & Valentini, A. (2023). ChatGPT and artificial intelligence in higher education: Quick start guide. UNESCO International Institute for Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Coming soon!

Aschaiek, S. (2023, Summer). A bot aced my homework: How ChatGPT is impacting the academic experience. The York University Magazine.

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Syed, Imran. (2023, September). Embracing AI in the Classroom (Part One) and (Part Two). Teaching Commons Blog.

Ward, A. (2023, January 26). How will AI tools such as ChatGPT shape teaching and learning? YFile.

Panel Presentations

Session: Artificial intelligence and academic integrity

The recording from our February 23 session is now available. This session was co-hosted by the Teaching Commons and the Office of the VPA. Access is restricted to the York community, so if you are prompted to sign in, select "Sign in with SSO". Enter “yorku” in the company domain, then you will then be able to access the recording by using your PPY username and password.