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Welcome to the Teaching Commons’ Assessment page!  Here you can find information and resources dedicated to the support of assessment at York.  Check back often for content updates!

York University’s Assessment Evolution Working Group hosted the event, "Why Does Assessment Matter, Anyway?" that included the following videos:

Assessment Interviews: Natasha May and Andrew McEachern 
Assessment Interviews: Nicolette Richardson and Merv Mosher
Assessment Interviews: Genevieve Maheux-Pelletier and Valérie Florentin

The Assessment Strategy Exchange included a Keynote by Dr. Laura Winer, McGill University, and a student panel. It also included the following:

Brigitte Hanson, Faculty of Education & Glendon

Robyn Cumming, AMPD
Lisa Sloniowski, Libraries & English


Guide to Alternative Assessments

This guide is designed to help instructors design and implement alternative assessments. Each of the 35 alternative assessments highlighted in this document contains a description, the benefits, challenges and solutions, examples, rubrics, and additional resources.

Alternative Assessments for Remote Teaching

This guide outlines a variety of alternative assessment strategies that can be used in remote or online teaching. These strategies are organized as low, medium, and high levels of preparation and investment.

Guide to Large Classroom Assessments

This guide is designed to help instructors think about assessment strategies in large classrooms. The guide includes examples of techniques, tips, and tricks, as well as examples of rubrics and alternative assessment ideas.

Open Book Exam Toolkit

This toolkit will help you consider the steps to creating and implementing open book exams.

Rubrics Handout

This short handout can act as a quick guide for using rubrics, including information and examples on different types of rubrics.

Feedback Handout

This short handout can act as a quick guide for providing feedback in online courses, including information and examples on different types of feedback.

OER as Alternative Assessment Handout

This short handout can act as a quick guide for using Open Educational resources to design alternative assessment.

Assessing student learning in large classes: My experience with alternatives to multiple choice tests

This is a video series created by Merv Mosher, Professor - Teaching Stream, Kinesiology & Health Science.

12 Days of Assessment: February 4 - April 29, 2021

This weekly webinar series was hosted by two Educational Developers from the Teaching Commons, Eliana Elkhoury and Brian Nairn, and was based off of the aforementioned Guide to Alternative Assessments (click here to read).

Within these webinars, we discussed a variety of assessment options, including but not limited to: alternative assessment, authentic assessment, fun and creative assessments, rubrics, and many more!

Understanding that not everyone was able to attend every session every week, we also recorded and posted the links for you to watch at your own convenience.

Click here to access past recordings of the webinar series.

Suggested Readings

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If you have any questions about assessment or alternative assessment, please reach out to your Educational Developer Liaison.