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Senior Teaching Assistant (STA) program

Exploring educational development

A 2-semester program designed for experienced TAs interested in further developing their teaching skills. It is accredited by the EDC (Educational Developers Caucus).  Participants learn experientially by planning and facilitating teaching development events for their peers.

Completion of the TA Certificate in Teaching (TACT) course is required prior to enrolling in the STA Program. 

We explore educational development in this course, through the following activities

  • Plan and deliver two educational events
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and acceptability of the events
  • Meet with peers in preparation and review of the events, reviewing and setting professional development goals according to the SMART model
  • Plan and present a session at our annual Symposium “Supporting Teaching At York” (STAY)
  • Write a final reflective journal

By the end of the course participants will

  • Design and facilitate professional development workshops for their target audience
  • Assess the needs of their target audience and respond by fulfilling the expressed need in the form of a workshop or resource
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of their workshops/resource by reflecting on their experience and the feedback received from the participants and their peer support
  • Articulate their own professional development goals according to the SMART model


If you have questions about the course, please contact Natasha May, Educational Developer