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York University has partnered with the City of Toronto’s Bike Share program.  Three Bike Share stations have been installed on the Keele and Glendon campuses.  This partnership further enhances York’s Sustainability commitment and supports the University’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality on or before 2049.

York University is the first University in the Greater Toronto Area to partner with Bike Share Toronto to provide yet another sustainable mode of transportation to its community members.

The Toronto Bike share program provides York’s community members with 24/7 convenient access to bikes to help you get around campus in a fun and environmentally friendly manner.

How it Works:

BuyPurchase a short-term pass or annual membership directly from Bikesharetoronto.com on your mobile! You can also purchase short-term passes from a station kiosk or by downloading the PBSC app. Students selecting a Membership receive 20% off when signing up using their York U email address.
UnlockReceive a 5-digit code from the mobile web purchase portal, station kiosk upon purchase or via the PBSC app. Enter your code into a dock with an available bike to unlock and ride.
RideReturn your bike to any station citywide to end your trip and avoid overage fees.
RepeatTo continue riding, request a new unlock code from the mobile website via your account, through the PBSC app or via a station kiosk by selecting "I Have a Pass".


Type of PassFee (plus tax)
The Pay-As-You-Go Pass is just $1 to unlock and allows you to pay by the minute to ride as long as you like (no need to dock your bike every 30 minutes).
$1 to unlock
+ $0.12/minute for classic bikes or
+ $0.20/minute for e-bikes
(E-bikes not included in Day Pass pricing)
$15 for unlimited 90 minute rides on a classic bike for 24 hours
50% off e-bike per min rate ($.10/min) and no unlock fees

Annual 30 - Unlimited 30 min rides
Annual 45 - Unlimited 45 min rides
Annual 30 - $105
Annual 45 - $120
Take advantage of (minimum) 20% off Bike Share annual memberships
Annual 30 - $84
Annual 45 - $96
For every trip on classic bikes exceeding trip time (depending on the pass type), overage fees will accumulate at a rate of $0.12 per minute of additional trip time. To avoid overage fees, before your trip time is up, dock the bike and unlock another to continue riding.
$0.12 per minute
Prices reflected may not be accurate or updated. Please visit the Bike Share website for more information.


KeeleNorth and south sides of the York University Subway Station
The Pond Rd. and Sentinel
The Pond Rd. and Shoreham
Track and Field Centre
GlendonInside main campus entrance