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Instructions for setting up Passport York

Before you begin, please ensure you have:

  • Your 9 digit employee ID number
  • Last four digits of your Social Insurance Number

Setting up a Passport York

  1. Go to Manage My Services by entering in the address bar of your web browser:
    Screenshot of Passport York login page at
  2. Click on Employee Sign Up
    Screenshot of window showing employee sign up selected at
  3. Enter your Username and Password, click Sign Up.

    Username: your 9 digit employee ID number (see ‘a’ below if you do not have your employee ID number)

    Password: last 4 digits of Social Insurance number and last 4 letters in surname (please note on screen Surname rules).

    Screenshot of window showing fields requiring employee number and last 4 digits of sin followed by last 4 letters of last name
    1. If you do not have your employee ID number, this can be found at the top of a pay stub. Please see example below. Your Manager can also provide you with this information.
    Screenshot of window showing pay stub
  4. You will now be asked to enter a username. This name will be used for both your staff email address, and your Passport York account.
    Screenshot of window with create a username field
  5. Click ‘Create Username’
    Screenshot of window with create username button highlighted
  6. If the username you choose is being used by someone else, you will receive the following message. Simply replace the username you had selected with a new one, and click ‘Create Username’ again.
    Screenshot of window showing problem with username choice
  7. When your username choice is accepted, you will receive an attention screen. Write down your username.
    Screenshot of window showing created username
  8. Click continue.
    Screenshot of window showing change of password required
  9. You will now be prompted to change your password. Enter your current passport York password (last 4 digits of SIN, last 4 letters in last name). Use the Password Guidelines to select a new password, and enter.
    Screenshot of window with change password field highlighted
  10. Click change password.
    Screenshot of window with continue button highlighted

    Success! You’ve changed your password. Your Passport York account consists of the:

    1 – Username: the username you just created

    2 – The password that has just been successfully created.

  11. Please click Continue.
  12. Screenshot of window with ok button highlighted
  13. You will now be prompted to set up security questions, in the event that you lose your Passport York password. Click OK.
    Screenshot of window showing Passport York security questions
  14. Select security questions from each drop down menu, and type your answer in the space provided below each. All questions must be completed. Once finished, click Set Questions.
    Screenshot of window stating that Passport York Security Setup questions were successful
  15. You will be presented with a confirmation screen that confirms your security questions have been set. You have completed set up of your Passport York account. Click Logout.