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Computer Labs


Computing Commons Lab is located at York University - Accolade East (ACE).

How do I get it?

Computer Lab at Accolade East 017

83 York Boulevard (Keele Interactive Map)

Computer Lab at Accolade East 017 is Open from Monday to Friday: 8:30 am to 8:30 PM
(except on days where there is a University Closure)

Steacie Hallway Computers

136 Campus Walk (Keele Interactive Map)

Computers in the hallway at Steacie are Open from Monday to Friday: 8:30 am to 9:00 PM
(except on days where there is a University Closure)

How do I get help?

Computing Commons Policies

  • Soliciting of any kind is not permitted.
  • Food and drink are not allowed in the Computing Commons. The only exceptions are capped bottles of water (not juice/pop) and spill-proof mugs.
  • Talking on cell phone is not permitted in the Computing Commons. However clients can text, check voicemail, browse the web etc on their phones..
  • The computers in the Commons are for academic use only. The playing of games and watching of videos for non-academic purposes is prohibited.
  • Out of respect for your neighbors please keep noise to a minimum while in the commons and refrain from engaging in any activity that would be considered disruptive to others. If you are listening to audio you must use headphones and they must be kept at a volume that is not audible to other clients in the commons. Earphones are available for a small fee from the vending machine in the William Small Centre Computing Commons. If you are conversing with other students please keep your voice low.
  • The sharing of your accounts or passwords is strictly forbidden by senate policy. Any accounts that are determined to be in use by someone other than the owner will be locked. A meeting with a computer-hearing officer must be arranged to determine if access to locked accounts can be reinstated.
  • Clients are not allowed to use their own paper in the Computing Commons printers. Please be aware that we use only white letter sized paper in our printers. Clients who are found trying to insert their own paper through the manual feeders may have their computing accounts locked. If a printer is out of paper or a printer is jammed please ask one of our staff for assistance.
  • Faculty members with active Passport York accounts and YU-cards can use the Computing Commons lab printers. Clients using these printers are charged 10 cents per page. The 10 cents charge applies to printing from the Computing Commons labs, from home and from the central UIT email system.
  • To pay for printing services, you can obtain a YU-card at the Computing Commons in William Small Centre or at any of the York Libraries.
  • NOTE: UIT does not issue refunds for printing. Take your complaints about print output to the Counter in the Computing Commons to ask about possible re-printing.
  • Computing workstations left unused will automatically be logged out and any personal items left unattended may be moved to the front counter. Any work not saved to the home drive (i.e. F: drive) will be lost after the computer restarts.
  • Questions, comments and concerns regarding the Computing Commons can be addressed to