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Student Computing Accounts Expiration

Accounts Lifecycle

Your status as a student with the Registrar's Office (i.e. registered in courses, paid minimum fees, requirements met, etc.) drives the state of your computing accounts. Computing accounts, e.g. Email, OneDrive, MyApps etc., are created once you receive your student number and choose a Passport York username.

Your computing accounts are active when you are enrolled in York University courses.

If you are no longer an active student, i.e. no longer taking courses, have unpaid fees, requirements not met, finished school, graduated, etc., your computing accounts enter an expiry process. You will receive an email notification that you are no longer an active student and that your accounts are set to expire and will be removed if you are not going to attend York University classes.

Your Passport York username and password still work and you can still access enrolment, grades, tax forms, transcripts, records and other post-university access services available on However, the expiry process has started and you will no longer have access to the accounts listed above if you do not enrol in courses.

Take immediate action before your accounts get cancelled

Based on what type of computing account you have, see which of the following apply to you:

You can use a free mail client such as Mozilla Thunderbird to access your email as well. However this requires a more technical and time intensive self serve setup. If you cannot get this working we suggest that you choose option A above. To help with this here's a Youtube video on Thunderbird setup for a free personal Gmail account. This video illustrates how Thunderbird can be setup to access an email account. Otherwise, to setup access to York email accounts please instead use the settings below:

  • Incoming and outgoing server for Gmail:

Incoming Server: | Port: 993 | SSL: | SSL On
Outgoing Server: | Port: 465 | Authentication: Normal

  • Incoming and outgoing server for Outlook email
Incoming Mail
(IMAP) Server:
Incoming Mail
(POP) Server:
Outgoing Mail
(SMTP) Server:

Note: After you have successfully setup a mail client to access your mail, you can more easily move and copy mail messages from one account to another.

Your accounts are in the cancelled state. This means that the accounts are still present, but you cannot log into them.

If you do not enrol in courses, your computing accounts will be eventually removed, i.e. deleted and unrecoverable. If you become an active student, your computing accounts will go fully active again.

Note that in order to activate your computing accounts, you must enrol in a course offered through the York University Registrar’s Office. For example, AQ courses from Faculty of Education are outside of the York University Registrar’s course offerings and will not activate your computing accounts.

When your accounts enter the removed state, they are deleted and unrecoverable i.e. your email account no longer exists and if anyone sends an email to it, it will bounce back with a message stating the email account doesn't exist, also any forwarding settings and vacation messages you set will no longer function either.

If you come back as a student after this state has occurred, you will have the computing services that you would normally have access to as an active student, but the accounts will be empty as if they were brand new accounts.

Please see the above tabs (Active state, Expiring state, Cancelled state, Removed state) for more information about your computing services/accounts what it means to you when you start as a student and when you are finished.

In particular, please pay special attention to the Expiring state because that is when you have your last opportunity to get any emails or files out that you may want to keep.

As a reminder, your computer services/accounts have a certain lifecycle to them, but your Passport York account will be available should you need to get your student records, transcripts, or continue with more schooling.