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Course Websites

Many instructors at York make use of websites to provide students with access to a variety of learning resources for their class(es). Some of these course websites are integrated "learning management systems" (LMS) with the most common one in use being "Moodle".

Moodle provides many features that allow students to access content uploaded by instructors, to participate in class discussions (if enabled by the instructor), and to engage in other activities as available.The nature and scope of use of these sites depends upon the choices the instructor makes as they set up the course and the materials they contribute during the course. In most cases access to specific course resources are restricted to those students enrolled in the course.

 How do I get it?

  • If directed by your instructor York students can access a course at York University's copyright guides must be accepted as per instructions in the Moodle FAQs.
  • In most cases LMS courses are restricted to students enrolled in the course and your Passport York username and password are required to log in.
  • If an instructor is not using an integrated Learning Management System, you may be directed to an alternate course website. Please obtain the web address of the course website from your instructor.

 How do I get help?