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Professional Expense Reimbursement (PER)

Full-Time Faculty

In accordance with Article 25.08 in the Collective Agreement with YUFA, eligible PER Claims for full-time faculty members must comply with submission guidelines and contain the appropriate documentation.

Please consult  the Professional Expense Reimbursements Guidelines before submitting a claim.

Senior Scholars

In accordance with Article 14.04(e) of the Collective Agreement with YUFA, PER Claims for senior scholars are to be submitted online through CONCUR which will be automatically routed to the Dean's office of your home faculty for approval. Please refer the Finance website for complete guidelines.

Contract Faculty

York University will reimburse CUPE 3903 Unit 2 employees with PER Eligibility. Please refer to the link below.

The PER fund is administered as follows:

  • $375 for each type 1 or equivalent position (prorated for type 2 or “partial” appointments) to a maximum of $1,125 per year.
  • At the end of each contract year the unexpended portion of these funds shall be rolled over for following years with the following condition: any individual allocations which remain unspent after 3 years of initial allocation will be reabsorbed into the fund.
  • How to submit your expense claim through CONCUR (PDF)