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Safe & Inclusive Campuses Resource Guide

The Safe & Inclusive Campuses Resource Guide aims to point community members to resources and events that can be accessed quickly if they need various supports.

It provides a central location for resources and events that community members can access quickly and easily both on and beyond our campuses. These resources range from teaching and learning resources to encourage open minded inquiry, innovative approaches and forward-looking solutions, to events and supports that foster individual and community wellness, open dialogue and a greater sense of belonging.  

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Featured Resources

Three students sitting and paying attention to an event, with focus on the student in the middle who has a big smile.

REDDI Series

We provide workshops, training, community events, and knowledge exchange opportunities that support students, staff, and faculty on issues related to human rights, equity, diversity and inclusion.

Learn more about the REDDI Series

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Guide: Responding to Students in Distress

Find out where and how to direct students experiencing various forms of distress. This Guide provides information on various offices at York, including their contact information.

Download the Guide

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CHREI Case Consultation

Confidential consultation services are available for community members who are experiencing harassment and/or discrimination. Case Advisors can provide guidance, informal resolution services, formal mediation, and where appropriate investigation of complaints. 

Access CHREI Case Consultation


Undergraduates can also use SAVY to help find resources available at York. SAVY is a York's Student Virtual Assistant and can answer specific questions related to campus life and events, academic advising (referrals), health and well-being services, and more.

Resources: Human Rights, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

York's Centre for Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion (CHREI) has a variety of written resources to assist students, faculty and staff in understanding and upholding human rights, equity, and inclusion at York University, including Online Harassment and Human Rights 101 

Access resources from CHREI

Resource Guide

  1. Well-being resources for Students

    Compilation of resources for student well-being from York and community.

  2. Well-being Resources for Faculty & Staff supporting Students in Distress

    Resource site for supporting students in distress

  3. Teaching Commons: Facilitating Dialogue and Challenging Conversations

    A living resource for faculty and TAs seeking support and resources for thoughtfully facilitating difficult conversations in classrooms.

  4. Student Counselling, Health & Well-being (SCHW)

    Comprised of a dynamic team of healthcare professionals, peer health educators, and support staff, SCHW provides services that foster academic and personal success. Walk-in/same day counselling and short-term, ongoing counselling.

  5. Policy: Disruptive and/or Harassing Behaviour in Academic Situations

    Read the Senate Policy on Disruptive and/or Harassing Behaviour in Academic Situations.

  6. Open Office Hours

    In an effort to encourage slow thinking, considered analysis, deeper perspective, and civil dialogue on the current Israeli-Palestinian war, the Religious Studies program is sponsoring joint open office hours sessions.

  7. Office of Student Community Relations (OSCR), Community Support & Services

    OSCR provides supports for critical incidents, personal crises, or other complex issues.  

  8. How to Teach When Teaching Feels Unsafe series Part 2: Situational Awareness - Reducing Risk

    Virtual event offered by the Teaching Commons. Tuesday, February 6 from 2 - 3:30 p.m.

  9. Graduate Student Wellness Services

    Graduate students can access a range of wellness services through the Graduate Student Wellness Services Office.

  10. Grad Student Wellness Services Resource Hub

    Grad students can access a variety of wellness resources both on- and off-campus. Visit the Graduate Student Wellness Services Resource Hub.

  11. Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    Well-being supports for addressing stress, mental health concerns, grief and loss, crisis situations. The EAP can help with workplace challenges: Stress, performance, work-life balance.

  12. Code of Student Rights & Responsibilities

    The Code of Student Rights & Responsibilities applies to all students and includes incidents dealing with non-academic conduct on campus or with a real and substantial connection to the University.

  13. BRIDGING THE GAP: Israel/Palestine Student Dialogue Group

    Event - The student leaders will share their perspectives on York campus politics on Israel/Palestine, why they started this dialogue group, what they hope to achieve, challenges, opportunities. Followed by questions, discussion with the audience. Sponsored by the Religious Studies Program, York University.

Featured Upcoming Events

The RELATIONAL CULTURE WORKSHOP SERIES are series of learning opportunities to enrich our skills for working with each other at York.

WEDNESDAY, FEB 21, 9:30 am -1:30pm
& TUESDAY MAR 26, 1-3:30pm, online

By Pat Lewis & Kaleigh Mrowka, International Institute for Restorative Practices Canada
This highly-interactive 2-part training is intended to teach the skills and considerations for becoming
skilled facilitators of Listening Circles, which are 'safe spaces' for individuals to share their thoughts,
perspectives and experiences surrounding a challenge or harm to their community.


TUESDAY APR 16, 2024
12:30-1:30pm, in-person

By Dana Campbell-Stevens, Rubin Thomlinson LLP
This session introduces an approach to restoration, to rebuild a sense of safety and productivity in
the workplace after experiencing complex disruptions.


TUESDAY MAY 14, 2024
10am-1pm, in-person

By York Change Leadership + panel of experts from our York U Community
In this session, participants explore the meanings of brave spaces and compassionate candor
through engaging improv scenarios and reflective debriefs, gaining insight into leadership
interventions at both interpersonal and systemic levels. Participants will leave ready to
engage in open communication and cultivate empathy as leaders within their teams

For more information, contact: