Le bien-être à York

L’Université York s’engage à favoriser le bien-être sur ses campus.

In support of the University Academic Plan (UAP 2020-2025) priority of Living Well Together, York University is mobilizing resources to provide an inclusive and supportive environment that promotes positive well-being among all members of our community. 

These efforts will be bolstered with a holistic Well-being Strategy focused on understanding the current needs and priorities of the York community through a pan-university approach addressing well-being across all York campuses and sites. The goal of the strategy is that students, staff, faculty and instructors can flourish and be well in this shared environment.

Nos objectifs

Phase 1

Phase Deux

  • Concrétiser la stratégie de bien-être
  • Renforcer les structures de la stratégie de bien-être sur tous les campus