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Our Entrepreneurs in Residence

Our Entrepreneurs in Residence

Our Entrepreneurs in Residence (EiR) will host bi-weekly office hours but they are also here to support you outside of the office hours. Please know that all our EiR have had experiences building and growing their companies. They are here as resources to provide advice and guidance but are by no means meant to complete work on your behalf.

Photo of Anita Chauhan
Anita Chauhan

Director of Marketing, Fraction

Photo of Brent Stirling
Brent Stirling

VP of Growth & Sales, Shoelace

Photo of Brittany Charlton
Brittany Charlton

Founder of Ohh! Foods

Photo of Cherry Rose Tan
Cherry Rose Tan

General Partner, Tech Futurist at Renew Venture Capital

Photo of Chris Rodkin
Chris Rodkin

President of BritOn Solutions Group Inc.

Photo of Daniel Bartek
Daniel Bartek

Co-Founder & President of Iconic Brewing Company

Photo of Elliott Atkins
Elliott Atkins

Co-Founder & CEO, Opilio Labs

Photo of Emily Lonetto
Emily Lonetto

Director of Growth, Voiceflow

Photo of Erin Blaskie
Erin Blaskie

Fractional CMO & Marketing Consultant

Photo of Hannah Lau
Hannah Lau

Founder, Principal Consultant at Astera Asia

Photo of Helen Kontozopoulos
Helen Kontozopoulos

Chief Evangelist & Co-Founder, ODAIA Intelligence

Photo of Indu Bains
Indu Bains

Principal and Executive Consultant at The Osborne Group and Bainsco Consulting Group, Former COO at SIMS Medical Corp, and Serial Entrepreneur

Photo of Iram Blajchman
Iram Blajchman

Founder & CEO of MAAV Inc

Photo of Julie Bednarski
Julie Bednarski

Founder/CEO at Healthy Crunch

Photo of Karen Lau
Karen Lau

Co-Founder & CTO, Furnishr

Photo of Kavita Srivastava
Kavita Srivastava

Senior Director in Valuations and Dispute Consulting, Fractional CFO and Toronto City Lead at the Canadian Women's Network

Photo of Laura van Wyngaarden
Laura van Wyngaarden

Co-Founder & COO, Diligen

Photo of Mick B
Mick B

Founder & CEO, IAmI Authentications Inc.

Photo of Muhammad Rashid
Muhammad Rashid

GM, Mortgage, Properly

Photo of Navin Kaminoulu
Navin Kaminoulu

Co-Founder & COO, indus.ai

Photo of Rishabh Varshney
Rishabh Varshney

Co-Founder & CEO, Buy with Impact

Photo of Rohan Nair
Rohan Nair

Founder, Jointcare

Photo of Sandra Bekhor
Sandra Bekhor

Founder, Bekhor Management

Photo of Sheryl Johnson
Sheryl Johnson

President of Strategic Insight Marketing

Photo of Shubh Sidhu
Shubh Sidhu

Leading Growth, ZayZoon

Photo of Susan Goebel
Susan Goebel

Founder and Chief Executive at Scaling Management Consulting Group, Inc., and Former COO in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Photo of Tara Longo
Tara Longo

Healthy Butcher Founder and Entrepreneurial Advisor

Photo of Valerie Fox
Valerie Fox

Chief Innovation Consultant at The Pivotal Point & Co-Founder of the DMZ at Ryerson University

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