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YU-card: Google Wallet

Google Wallet Users

Mobile: Version 6.0 or later; NFC enabled device capable of supporting Google Pay.


Submit your YU-card Application and wait for approval.

Download Transact eAccounts Mobile App and sign-in with Passport York.

Tap "Add to Google Wallet" and follow the prompts.

Adding YU-card to Google Wallet

Visit the YU-card Application to apply for your YU-card.

  1. Review the photo file requirements and upload your YU-card ID photo.
  2. Upload a photo of your government issued photo ID for verification.
  3. Review and submit!

Please allow 3 to 5 business days for the YU-card team to review. Proceed to step 2 once your application has been approved.

Download the Transact eAccounts Mobile App from Google Play.

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  1. Open the eAccounts app and click through the startup screens.
  2. Search and select York University and tap on YU-card.
  3. Sign in with your Passport York.

Follow the prompts to Add to Google Wallet. You can add your YU-card to an Android device.

  1. Select "Add to Google Wallet" and continue through the prompts (next, read the Terms & Conditions and if you agree, Tap on Agree to proceed).
  2. When the process is complete, confirm your Mobile YU-card has been added to Wallet.
  3. Tap "View in Wallet" to confirm.

When adding a mobile YU-card onto a new device, please to contact doorcard@yorku.ca to transfer any existing door access to your new card. To request access for the first time, please contact your supervisor for authorization.

Open the Google Wallet app and find your mobile YU-card!

If you had your YU-card on a previous phone and now have a new one, you will need to remove your card from the old device before setting up your new one. Follow these steps:

From your old phone:

  1. Open Google Wallet.
  2. Select your YU-card from the available cards or open from eAccounts.
  3. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. Select Remove ID.
  5. Confirm Remove ID selection.
  6. Once your YU-card is removed from your old phone, you can log into the eAccounts app on your new device and add your YU-card.

If you no longer have access to your old device, please contact the YU-card Office for assistance.

When adding a mobile YU-card onto a new device, please to contact doorcard@yorku.ca to transfer any existing door access to your new card. To request access for the first time, please contact your supervisor for authorization.

Do you need more help? Contact our team or visit YU-card Office at WSC222.

FAQ for Google Wallet Users

  • From your device tap: Settings > about phone > software information 
  • To update, from your device tap: 
    Settings > general > software update > download > install > passcode (may be required). Your device will display the estimated download time. 

Yes, we recommend regular updates to ensure recent features and security updates are applied. 

On your device, visit the Google Play Store and search eAccounts. The store will prompt you to install any required updates.

You can add one Android phone to your account at a time. 

NFC must be available and active on your phone to use your Mobile YU-card. To check that NFC is enabled, check your settings. NFC may be located under Connected Devices > Connection settings. If you can’t find it, use the search option on the top right. Once you find it, toggle the setting to On

Please note: If you’re a newly arriving international student, please refer to the Google support articles “Change your home or billing address” and “Change your Google Play country” for instructions on updating your information while you’re studying at York.  

No. As long as your enrollment or contract status meets our eligibility, the credentials you added will remain active. 

Yes, you can remove your credential from Google Wallet and re-add it when you return**. Please visit the YU-card Office for assistance. 

From Google Wallet: 

  1. Open Google Wallet
  2. Select your Campus ID from the available cards. 
  3. Touch the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. 
  4. Select Remove ID
  5. Confirm Remove ID selection. 
    **To add credentials back onto your device, you must be eligible and not have exceeded the device limit for your YU-card. 

Yes, but we recommend using the Remove Card function directly from Google Wallet. 

From the eAccounts app: 

  1. Open the eAccounts Mobile App on your phone. 
  1. Tap Continue to Sign In and login with your school credentials. 
  1. Approve the multi-factor authentication request. 
  1. Tap on the arrow next to your profile photo and tap on More Information
  1. Tap on Remove Campus ID from Google Wallet

Account balances are not displayed in Google Wallet. From your Google Wallet, click on Manage in Transact eAccounts to view your account. 

Yes. Unlike Apple devices, Android phones need to be awake (not unlocked) first before your Mobile YU-card can be read. 

Open your digital wallet, and tap the top right corner icon (…) on Google Wallet. Your number will then be displayed, along with other information including YU-card contacts and more.  

Unfortunately, this feature is only available on Apple iPhone XS, XS Max or XR models currently. See mobile YU-card on Apple iPhone or Watch: Getting Started webpage if you own any of the iPhone models and are interested in linking your YU-card to it instead. 

  • On the eAccounts app tap on the arrow next to your name > tap “view in Google Wallet” 

Your card will include your photo and classification of student, faculty or staff.