Nellie Langford Rowell Women's Studies Library


~ All persons using the Library must have a valid YUL card. Borrowers must show an up-to-date library card.

~ A maximum of three Books  may be borrowed for two weeks at a time. Books may be renewed six times, each renewal is for a period of two weeks. Renewals are at the discretion of the library staff; if there is a hold on the book that has been renewed six times, it will not be renewed.

~ Books may be renewed anytime online or in person during library open hours or by telephone (736-5735)

~ Books must be returned to the Nellie Langford Rowell Library, or via the book box at 204 Founders College; they must not be returned to the Scott Library.

~ Overdue fines accumulate at the rate of $.50 a day per book, to a maximum of $25 per book. Lost books must be replaced, or a fine of $25 paid to the library.All fines must be paid at Scott Library.

~ Periodicals and broadside material may not be borrowed, but can be photocopied in the library; please ask the assistant on duty.

Printing and photocopying services are available on a CASH ONLY basis, at the rate of $0.10 per page ($0.10 per single-sided copy and$0.20 per double-sided copy). All charges MUST be paid before the document(s) will be released.


The library is open at fixed hours posted on the door and announced on the taped message at 736-5735. Library staff will be on duty during open hours to help with enquiries.

Books, periodicals, and broadside material should not be reshelved, but left on the table.

Coats, backpacks, briefcases, etc. are not allowed into the stacks area.

No smoking, eating, or drinking in the library; no loud conversation or disturbances.

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