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Video B-Roll and Bumpers

Video is a key element in telling a great brand story. Using our video elements to support your content will tie it to the larger York brand and demonstrate our values.

Video B-Roll

Video that is considered to be supplemental to your primary footage and used to illustrate a point is called B-roll. A shot of people walking down the street is a classic example of B-roll that’s often used in news video. Using actual footage of the campus in your video project will help viewers recognize it as coming from York University and strengthen our visual brand.

Experience York

Student Life


Note: Download VLC media player if you are having issues opening up video files in Windows.

Video Bumpers

Bumpers, also known as intro and outro videos, are short (usually 10 seconds or less) clips that typically show the brand or organization that your video represents. It includes your logo and name with graphics and music playing in the background, as well as a link to your website.

If you are creating an official York video that is meant for external use or will appear on the University’s YouTube channel, use these short video bumpers at the beginning and/or at the end. Doing so lets viewers know your content is part of the reliable York brand and represents its values.

Video Lower Thirds & Captions

Consistency in video applications builds awareness and helps to solidify brand recognition. Standards provided below offers details pertaining to the location of name, title and subject matter while working within the Design System.

Lower Thirds (horizontal and vertical formats)

Download Lower Thirds

Captioning (horizontal and vertical formats)

Download Captions