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Strengthening Capstone Skills in STEM Programs

Strengthening Capstone Skills in STEM Programs

“ICap experiential courses gradually introduce challenging and open-ended assignments that foster cognitive learning. Consequently, those higher level skills important in the capstone course are strengthened: critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, teamwork, communications, information literacy, and design process.” (p.6) “In our experience, ICap yields the following transformational benefits to students, instructors, experiential courses, and the curriculum: (1) students self-monitor, reflect and assume greater responsibility; (2) instructors move from being overseers to mentors; (3) liberal education and design process skills are strengthened and integrated; (4) knowledge across topical areas is synthesized; and (5) the quality and rigor of capstone performance improves.” (p.9)

Eppes, T. A., Milanovic, I., & Sweitzer, H. F. (2011). Strengthening Capstone Skills in STEM Programs. Innovative Higher Education, 37(1), 3-10. doi:10.1007/s10755-011-9181-0

Resource Theme(s): Student benefits from Capstone Courses, Student skill developments