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Artist Zines

if it rains again

by Hayede Jamshidi

Inspired by the story of the same name by Homeira Qaderi, which describes how a woman in Afghanistan who wants to witness the freedom of being able to walk in full sight without any cover has to become a man to be able to enjoy that freedom. 

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Brave Unique Reflection

by Husna Musleh

Husna’s zine is a reflection on her own life as a young Afghan woman refugee in Denmark. Through different adjectives she explores and reflects on how she has grown to be brave in her new world and accepted her new way of living. 

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An Afghan Love Story 

by Lida Afghan

This zine is Lida’s attempt to reimagine a love story that is a symbol of peace and prosperity in a country that has recently been inflicted with death and war. She wants her readers to reimagine the Kabul airport as a space of wondrous possibilities and also as a space where love can exist and even flourish.

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Resilience in Afghans

by Malala Mehraban

Malala’s zine reflects on the need for education at a crucial time in Afghanistan when the Taliban has banned young girls from going to school. She believes that education is the most powerful weapon that can change the world and that it's a basic human right that should be given to all. 

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I want to stay alive and live

by Mursal Roshna

Mursal’s story is a reflection of what she feels about having left her motherland Afghanistan after the Taliban came to power in August 2021. She shares the idea of what freedom would mean to every Afghan and seeks support from all international bodies and countries in order to help Afghanistan achieve its freedom yet again.  

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A spring night

by Wahida Jabarzai

Wahida’s zine is based on Pashto poet Ghani Khan’s poem, A Spring Night. It’s a reflection on the idea of freedom, love and a time where everything was possible. The poem and the artworks are an expression of the arrival of spring, full of joys on one hand, but on the other of the autumn before the spring arrives. Despite the hardships that we face, and the many wounds that we suffer, we will arrive at our final destination, because we are not frightened. 

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The world of tomorrow

by Zolai Sultan

Zolai’s zine is based on the true story of her journey along with her family from Afghanistan to Ireland after Taliban took over Kabul in August 2021. She shared the feelings of losing her home and her childhood and having witnessed the end of the life as she knew it but now being in a new city and a new world she hopes for a better tomorrow.  

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