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CFR Executive

Decision-making in CFR is accountable to both the CFR Executive, the membership and to the larger university community. Formal accountability to the latter is achieved through the Senate and the Administration of York University. Accountability to the Centre membership is accomplished through the support and guidance of the Director (and any Associate Directors that may be appointed from time to time), the Executive Committee, a Council of Associates, the Coordinator and the Student Caucus.


Dr. Elaine Coburn
International Studies Program, Glendon
Kaneff Tower 060

Centre Coordinator

Dr. Andi Schwartz
Kaneff Tower 611

2021-2022 CFR Executive Committee

Muna-Udbi Abdulkadir Ali
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change
Faculty Profile
Patrick Alcedo
Associate Professor, Dance in the School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design
Faculty Profile
Clara Chapdelaine-Feliciati
Assistant Professor, International Studies Department, Glendon College
Faculty Profile
Laura J Kwak
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Social Science, Faculty of LA&PS
Faculty Profile
Frances Latchford
Chair, School of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies, Chair
Faculty Profile or
Deborah McGregor
Associate Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School and Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change
Faculty Profile
Allyson Mitchell
GPD, Graduate Program in Gender, Feminist and Women's Studies
Faculty Profile
Vidya Shah
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education
Faculty Profile
Hana Shams Ahmed
Graduate Student Representative
Department of Anthropology
Toby Finlay
Graduate Student Representative
Department of Sociology