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CFR Associates

CFR's Associates are made up of York faculty, faculty of other universities, graduate and undergraduate students, and independent researchers. They are engaged in research in the field and participate in the intellectual life of the CFR.

Research Associates are part-time, full-time or emeritus faculty members or researchers at York University, or faculty or researchers elsewhere who are members of a CFR-housed research project. Research Associates submit and administer research grants through the Centre, or are active in a research cluster and in organizing workshops and conferences.

Faculty Associates are part-time, full-time or emeritus faculty members at York University, or elsewhere. For faculty members at other universities, membership is either through invitation, or by application, and requires substantive and continuing participation in the intellectual life of the Centre.

Graduate Associates are graduate students completing their degrees at York University or those at other post-secondary institutions who are employed on CFR research projects. Those enrolled in the Gender, Feminist and Women's Studies program receive automatic membership status and other York graduate whose program of learning and research intersects with those of the CFR may apply.

Visiting Scholars are full-time or emeritus faculty members at another University or senior (non-student) researchers not affiliated with a university who would like to be located at York University for a temporary period. CFR visitors include Visiting Post-Doctoral Scholars with recent Ph.D.’s who would like to be associated with the Centre for a limited time period and also Visiting Graduate Students who are enrolled at another University and visiting York University though an international exchange.

Community Associates are activists, teachers, public officials, or senior researchers not affiliated with a university whose activities relate substantively to the research and teaching concerns of the CFR. This membership category recognizes the important contributions community members make to the on-going intellectual and scholarly life of the Centre.

The Visiting Scholar competition for 2023-24 is closed.

Visiting scholar and postdoctoral scholar applications for July 1, 2024-June 30, 2025 will be due due January 15, 2024.
All other associate applications will be due due October 2, 2023 and January 15, 2024.

To apply to become a CFR associate, please download and complete the appropriate form below and email it to