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Welcome to the Centre for Feminist Research

The Centre for Feminist Research / Le centre de recherches féministes promotes feminist activities and collaborative research at York University and works to establish research linkages between York scholars and local, national, international and transnational communities. Feminist research is conceived of in broad terms, as being concerned with issues of women, gender, class, race, sexuality, ability and feminism.

The CFR welcomes feminist initiatives from the arts, social sciences, professions, and science - bring your scholarship, creative works, policy papers, and ideas to share with like-minded colleagues! We especially welcome margin-to-centre feminist perspectives.

What We Do

  • Support and guide the development of grants including designing budgets and knowledge mobilization plans, and providing editing and project planning with content expertise
  • Provide post-award support for researchers who house their grants at the Centre for Feminist Research
  • Host events and provide administrative support in the planning of events, including applying for funding
  • Support the development of new research clusters to connect associates around topics of interest
  • Provide knowledge mobilization support through multiple platforms
  • Host Visiting Scholars, Visiting Graduate Students and Associates within York and beyond
  • Share feminist opportunities, events and calls in our bi-weekly newsletter
  • Disseminate research, insights and ideas through our Feminists in Focus Series
  • The CFR is part of a North American network of feminist research organizations
  • The CFR is the host institution for the interdisciplinary feminist sessions at the annual Congress for Humanities and Social Sciences

CFP: Liminal: The Second Annual Interdisciplinary, Open Access Critical Femininities Conference

To be liminal is to be in between or in transition; on the threshold of the sensory, the liminal may produce both hauntings and longings. We present the concept of “femininity” as liminal or palimpsestic itself (Alexander, 2005), inseparable from the ongoing echos of cisheteropatriarchy, colonization, white supremacy, capitalism, ableism, and fatphobia that interpellated it (Brownmiller, 1984; Bordo, 1993; Davis, 1983; Deliovsky, 2008), as well as animated by the simultaneous reverberations of feminist, Black, Indigenous, racialized, trans, and queer interventions which create more capacious futures for femininity (Lorde, 1984; McCann, 2018; Muñoz 1999; Nash, 2011; Rice, 2009; Shraya, 2018). Julia Serano’s (2008) foundational work on transfemininity reveals femininity’s impermanence and malleability, both socially and scientifically (re)constructed. These critical undertakings permit an understanding of femininity as an embodied site of many assemblages and temporalities, transforming it (as well as gender writ large) from a modality of imperial domination into a place of past-present-future becoming and a practice of transgenerational kinship. How might we understand femininity as nonlinear, transitory, and transformative? How might patriarchal phases of femininity be contested or reclaimed?

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CFP: Feminist Digital Methods

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many feminist scholars have turned to digital
methods out of necessity. Others have been using digital methods long before the
pandemic. There is a gap between increased demand for digital acuity and decreased
ability to gather, troubleshoot, or discuss ideas and projects. Our intention is to fill some
of that gap.

We are organizing open access virtual events for the spring and summer of 2022. Virtual
events will begin this spring and culminate into a virtual conference 11-13 August 2022.

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30 Years of Feminist Research

In 2021, the CFR is celebrating its 30th Anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, we are creating a digital scrapbook of Centre's work and impact over the years. We invite Associates, Directors, Coordinators, Visiting Scholars, Post Docs, and Grad Students to contribute.

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Aug 11

Feminist Digital Methods Conference

August 11 - August 13

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