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Information for Faculty

For the June and October convocations at the Keele campus, the ceremonies will be held at Sobeys Stadium, situated at 1 Shoreham Drive on the west side of the campus. 

The October Kellogg-Schulich Executive MBA ceremony will take place in the McEwen Auditorium, Seymour Schulich Building at Keele campus.

The June Glendon Convocation will be held at the Glendon Campus, located at 2275 Bayview Avenue. 

To access detailed information on registration, shuttle busses, robing locations, and regalia, please select the headings below. 

Faculty members who are part of the platform party do not need a ticket for convocation but are kindly requested to RSVP online. Invitations will be sent ahead of the next convocation.

We appreciate your cooperation in submitting your RSVP to ensure proper arrangements are made for your participation in the convocation ceremony.

For your convenience, a shuttle service will be available for each ceremony, transporting guests between their respective home faculty and the Sobeys Stadium (formerly Aviva Centre). The shuttle will operate continuously during the specified times, both before and after the ceremony. 

We encourage you to take advantage of this shuttle service to ensure a smooth transportation experience on the day of convocation. 

A shuttle map and schedule will be available here ahead of the next convocation.

For ceremonies held at the Keele campus, faculty members are encouraged to robe one hour prior to the ceremony. The robing room is located in the Player's Lounge at Sobeys Stadium. 

For the June Glendon ceremony, the faculty robing room is in the Manor. 

For the October Kellogg-Schulich Executive MBA ceremony, faculty robing is in the Private Dining Room at the Executive Learning Centre. 

Faculty members have the option to wear their own regalia or reserve regalia when completing the online RSVP. 

Faculty members have the flexibility to either wear their own regalia or reserve regalia when completing the online RSVP form. Faculty who identify as First Nations, Metis or Inuit are most welcome to wear traditional ceremonial dress of your people and culture.  

For faculty members interested in purchasing their own academic regalia, we recommend reaching out to one of the official York regalia suppliers. They can provide you with the appropriate regalia based on your requirements. 

 Please find the contact information for the official York regalia supplier below: