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Integrated Capital Planning

York University's Institutional Capital Plan

The purpose of York's Institutional Capital Plan is to:

Provide a 5-year plan for all capital needs 

This includes significant renovation or space requirements, new infrastructure, and new facilities.

Ensure alignment

Ensure all capital planning is aligned with York's institutional values and goals, policies, strategies, plans, program synergies and development efficiencies.

Reflect faculty and divisional unit needs

This includes supporting transparent processes for project execution approval and project timeframes, and establishing a rolled-up plan at the institutional level. 

Optimize University space

Ensure the optimization, efficient use and management of university space, including potential opportunities for collaboration between Faculties or divisions. 

Enable flexibility

Accommodate unplanned requirements and new priorities (e.g., new research grants). 

Strengthen relationships

Support Advancement and Government Relations activities. 

Enhance planning

Establish and highlight the rolling institutional priorities. 

Improve project predictability

Help to identify funding opportunities and support the development of a list of shovel-ready projects for infrastructure calls.  

What is a capital need?

A capital need is defined as a new construction, expansion, renovation, or replacement project for an existing facility, facilities, or outdoor spaces where:

  • there is a significant space change of use that involves more than equipment or finishes renewal; 
  • there is a requirement for the assignment of new space outside of a Faculty or divisional unit’s existing allocation; or 
  • significant alterations to a Faculty or divisional unit’s allocated space are required.

Individual renovation needs requiring only minor alterations or cosmetic changes are not considered capital needs. 

Resources for York staff

To engage with the Institutional Capital Planning process, please review the guidelines and relevant resources here.