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Claudia Chaufan

Claudia Chaufan

Faculty Fellow, Faculty of Health

Faculty Fellow

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Claudia Chaufan, MD (Argentina), PhD sociology/philosophy (USA), is an associate professor of health policy and global health at York University in Canada. She previously held the positions of graduate program director and Fulbright scholar in public/global health. No longer in medical practice, Prof. Chaufan works in the tradition of critical social, health, and policy studies. She teaches and researches comparative health policy, the geopolitics of global health, medicalization and social control, and critical pedagogy in higher education. She has taught at universities in Argentina, the USA, Taiwan, and Canada. Claudia’s current projects include the politics of sanctions policy, the geopolitics of Anti-Asian racism, and medical social control in times of COVID-19.

Research keywords:

Comparative health policy; geopolitics of global health; medicalization and social control; student engagement and critical pedagogy in higher education


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