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Farah Ahmad

Farah Ahmad

Faculty Fellow, Faculty of Health

Faculty Fellow

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Dr. Farah Ahmad is associate professor at the School of Health Policy and Management, Faculty of Health, York University. She also serves as the Graduate Program Director (2022-25) for the graduate MA and PhD program in health. Dr. Ahmad’s training includes family medicine, public health sciences, and health care research with critical approaches. She conducts community engaged mixed-method research to examine and address health inequities at the intersection of immigration/refugee status, gender, and race, in addition to socially stigmatized issues like mental health conditions, partner violence, cancer screening, and autism. Her collaborators include local and international organizations engaged in research, practice, and policymaking for health and social care. Dr. Ahmad has received over $13 million in research grants; $2 million as a principal investigator. She has published extensively with over 100 journal articles/book chapter/reports and presented to a wide range of audiences through presentations and media contacts.

She enjoys mentoring students and has supervised over 30 graduate students for their research projects. In recognition of her mentorship, she received the Kiran van Rijn Award from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Strategic Training Initiative in Health Research (STIHR) in Health Care, Technology and Place. Dr. Ahmad is a recipient of prestigious awards like the CIHR New Investigator Award and the Early Researcher Award from the Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation for her work on interactive eHealth innovations for improving mental health access in primary care. In 2015, she received recognition as a York University Research Leader.

Research keywords:

Immigrant/refugee/racialized health; primary care; eHealth; mental health; partner violence


Global Health & Humanitarianism



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