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Igor Akomaye

Igor Akomaye

Global and Environmental Health Research Lab, Global Health Intern


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She is a third-year student pursuing an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Global Health. Her interests align with the social and societal determinants of health and sustainable health interventions that recognize the concept of intersectionality and work to address these factors that individually affect health but also in relation to the system as a whole. She aims to break the feedback loop that predisposes individuals to death and disability and achieve societal equity. Her interest area is rooted in all things that have to do with health because she views health as being a necessity for all and a requirement for individuals to live fulfilling lives in society rather than a privileged commodity or service. They also stem from being exposed to different environments and conditions in terms of living in a high-income versus a low-middle-income country, having experienced both environments has probed her to critically think about why the differences are as drastic as the way they are and the importance of tailoring feasible interventions to communities.

She is a global health intern working with Prof. Godfred Boateng at the Global and Environmental Health Research Laboratory to analyze the impacts of resource scarcity such as food and water on the health of people as well as other socio-ecological factors that influence health outcomes, particularly in vulnerable populations. Vulnerable populations such as women and children have been shown to experience social, environmental, and economic barriers that predispose them to poor health. She is reviewing existing scientific literature as it pertains to the research topic and demographic.


Global Health & Humanitarianism



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