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Shubhdeep Nagi

Shubhdeep Nagi

Planetary Health Research Assistant [FW18-19; S19]


Shubhdeep Nagi is a Bachelor of Science Candidate at York University, with a focus in Global Health. In pursuit of his passion for health equity, leadership, and technology, Shubhdeep has taken on a wide range of responsibilities. From being a Global Health student in the Faculty of Health, to dedicating his time for patient support at his local hospital, and to leading fundraising and student support for a Canadian charity, Hemoglobal® – Shubhdeep puts his heart in all his work, and always keeps a positive outlook on his experiences!

Before transitioning to his position as the Planetary Health Research Assistant, Shubhdeep was the Dahdaleh Institute's Communications Assistant [FW18-S19].


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