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Students Showcase Work at First Annual Event

Students Showcase Work at First Annual Event


Published on May 16, 2019

The 2018-19 academic year marked the first time the Dahdaleh Institute engaged undergraduate interns.

Mentored by Faculty and Research Fellows, student interns learned firsthand about today’s priority global health challenges and how to address them through excellence in research. The internship program is coordinated by Theresa Dinh, who matched trainees with researchers and guided them throughout the experiential learning experience.

On April 17 2019, students showcased the work they did during the year to the leadership, researchers, staff and fellow interns at the Dahdaleh Institute.

Click here to read about each student's work.

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Theresa Dinh, Institute Coordinator Active
Tanya Narang, Research Assistant [FW18-19; S19] Alum
Shubhdeep Nagi, Planetary Health Research Assistant [FW18-19; S19] Alum
Sayo Falade, Global Health and Humanitarianism Research Assistant [FW18-19] Alum
Mikaela Maquiling, Event and Communications Assistant [FW18-19] Alum
Fatima Sayedi, Research Assistant, Planetary Health [FW 18-19] Alum
Eileen Santiago, Communications Assistant [FW18-S19] Alum
Dolev Yissar, Research Assistant, Global Health Foresighting [FW18-19] Alum
Bryan Yau, Research Assistant, Global Health Foresighting [S19; FW19-20] Alum
Ameen Al-Gailani, Special Projects Assistant, Backend [FW18-S19] Alum

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