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Research Apprenticeship Program (RAP)

Welcome to Glendon’s Research Apprenticeship Program (RAP)!

Through our unique program, you’ll get valuable mentorship from a faculty member, develop skills in conducting research, explore your interests, and receive an award of $1,500.

If selected, you’ll spend two terms conducting research under the supervision of a faculty member, connect with other like-minded students, faculty, and alumni through monthly development workshops, and attend networking sessions.

You’ll spend up to 5 hours per week doing apprenticeship-related work.

Students on Glendon Campus.

RAP Benefits

Mentorship from a Glendon faculty member, which gives you support and encouragement to develop skills for navigating academics, research, and career development. 

$1,500 award, half of which ($750) is paid at the end of the fall term, with the final half ($750) being disbursed at the end of the winter term.

Exclusive monthly workshops that encourage academic and personal development. Examples include:

  • navigating the York University OMNI library system
  • evaluating scholarly sources
  • achieving academic success as an undergraduate student
  • time management
  • exploring career opportunities in research
  • achieving your full academic potential
  • maintaining resilience in academic environments

Networking opportunities with Glendon faculty and alumni, to build your network and gain additional knowledge about you research, career, and personal development.  

Graduate school applications are facilitated. You can obtain references for graduate school from your mentor professors, develop strong research skills and showcase your passion for academia through your participation.  

Gain transferable skills for academic success, or for a resume/CV 

  • Learn to conduct library-based research, condense information, identify reputable sources for information, and analyze texts. 
  • Develop research expertise and gain communication, organization, problem-solving, and time management skills. 

RAP Mentors

Professor Alison Harvey


Research Description: This is a multi-year research project looking to understand the barriers to successful, long-term employment in the video game industry for highly-skilled workers.

Professor Jean Michel Montsion

Multidisciplinary Studies

Research Description: Focused on how Canada is studied and researched abroad; especially, how international Canadianists study questions of reconciliation, racial equity, environmental issues and language activism in Canada.

Professor Muriel Peguret

French Studies

Research Description: Ce projet vise à soutenir l’apprentissage de la précision linguistique chez les étudiants de français langue seconde à l’université en utilisant la méthode de l’observation de corpus.

Professor Shanna Lino

Spanish and Latin American Cultures & Societies

Research Description: This project involves researching "slow cities" (or 'Citta Slow') in Spain, with the aim to develop international partnerships that will facilitate further research and experiential learning opportunities for students in an international setting.

Professor Usha Viswanathan

Language Training Center for Studies in French

Research Description: On examinera le cas des étudiants francophones/philes dans les cours de français offerts aux universités anglophones en Ontario et au Québec pour évaluer à quel point ces cours offrent des espaces d'apprentissage diversifiés et inclusifs, particulièrement, au cas des étudiants de communautés noires, autochtones et d’autres groupes racisés.

Professor Josée Rivest


Research Description: Cette étude fait partie d'un projet de validation d'un outil neuropsychologique (le TorCA -Toronto Cognitive Assessment) qui est maintenant adapté vers le français et doit être administré à des individus francophones afin de récolter des normes et avoir leur rétroaction sur la clarté des directives.


The Research Apprenticeship Program (RAP) is a tight-knit research cohort where you are paid to conduct research alongside a faculty member, while being connected with other like-minded students, faculty, and alumni through monthly development workshops, and networking sessions.

You are expected to spend 5 hours each week working for your RAP supervisor and engaging in the program through workshops, events, and online discussion posts. RAP administrators will regularly confirm that you are fulfilling this time commitment with your supervisors.

You can apply using the form here.

You must submit your application no later than June 28 2024.

  • Demonstrate that you possess the relevant skills to work alongside your desired mentor
  • The selection committee values diverse experiences – so you are encouraged to outline skills that you have acquired from both inside and outside of the classroom (remember that all experience is good experience!)
  • Reflect on why this research experience could be meaningful and useful
  • Get a fellow student, friend or family member to review your application before you submit, to make sure it is clear, concise and without typos!
  • Respect the number of words limit.
  • YES, you can apply to the “Current Students” stream of the RAP regardless of your year of undergraduate study.
  • However, if you are in your third year or higher, you can pursue your own individual research “passion project” under the supervision of a faculty member through the G21 course, for which you will receive academic credit.

YES, as long as your supervisor agrees.

YES, international students are eligible to apply for the RAP.

NO, you do not need to possess a specific average to apply for the RAP. Your grades will be taken into consideration during the application process, but they are not the ultimate deciding factor.

  • The level of French-English bilingualism required varies depending on the research professors are conducting. In some cases, students will be required to have advanced abilities in French (or perhaps other languages).
  • All students will have the opportunity to improve their language comprehension skills through the bilingual workshops.
  • To understand the language requirements for professors’ research projects, please review the list of proposed projects.

YES, you can pursue the RAP and a Work/Study position simultaneously. However, be mindful of your ability to commit to the 5 hours/week of work required of RAP Students.

You must pursue the RAP during the entire academic year (eight months). One semester is not enough time to significantly contribute to a professor’s research project.

NO, students must choose from the list of available RAP Glendon faculty members. The list of available mentors will be provided shortly.

You may consider pursuing your own independent “passion project” through the G21 course, where you will be enrolled in a 3.00 credit course and will work on a proposed research project of your choice under the supervision of a faculty member.

  • Time management is essential. Pursuing an undergraduate degree can be challenging, as you are expected to juggle multiple deadlines, tasks, assignments, extracurriculars, and your personal commitments. As such, it is important to understand the time commitment required of all RAP students (5 hours per week) and ensure you can fulfill this obligation.
  • Communication is key for success in the RAP. You are encouraged to proactively communicate with your mentor professor and the RAP coordinator, letting them know about your progress on assigned tasks on a regular basis.


  • January 18 – RAP applications open  
  • June 28 – Deadline to apply to the RAP  
  • August 21st –Mentor/Apprentice match is released  
  • The RAP officially begins in the Fall term. You’ll commence research alongside your mentor in September 2024 and complete your assistantship in April 2025.


  • All first year Top Scholars are eligible to apply.  
  • If you have completed your first year of studies and are enrolled full time in a program at Glendon, you can also apply.
  • Some projects may require specific skills (e.g., language skills, WordPress and Adobe Photoshop) 
  • Your curiosity, academic record, learning potential, and educational goals are all taken into account

How to Apply

  • Explore the list of available professors and projects.(Available soon)
  • Fill out and submit the application form no later than June 28th.