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Counselling Services

Our Glendon Personal Counselling Services offer psychological support to Glendon students who need help managing challenges during their university life. Members of the Glendon community come see us because of a wide range of concerns, including but not limited to: depression, anxiety, abuse, stress, self-esteem, sexuality, and family and personal relationship issues. The counselling centre is a safe space where support is provided in a confidential and private manner. We take pride in supporting our students with diverse backgrounds, ethnicities and sexualities.

Glendon Personal Counselling offers:

  • Individual one-on-one counselling
  • Choice of in-person and virtual sessions
  • Option to choose between speaking French and English
  • Short-term individual counselling (limited number of sessions, sessions vary based on type of issue and support)

To make an appointment, please use the ''book appointment'' button. You can also connect via email at counselling@glendon.yorku.ca or call us at 416-487-6709.

*Please note that during the summer, our services are available virtually.

24/7 Support at Glendon

Free Professional Counselling Services available to Students vetted by the Centre
If you need to talk to a counsellor outside of our office hours, the Centre has vetted the following resources that are available to post-secondary students in Ontario.

Connect via phone, the app or on the website
Toll-free: 1-844-451-9700 (Canada & USA) or 1-416-380-6578 (international).

Connect via phone, text or FB Messenger in Ontario

In Case of Emergency
In the event that you perceive or witness an immediate concern to your safety or the safety of others, call 911 and campus security.

Glendon Campus Security
The Glendon Student Security Escort Service (free walking or driving escorts from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. daily), is available to ensure your safety, no matter where you want to go on campus.