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Post-election sustainable energy debrief Oct. 26

Post-election sustainable energy debrief Oct. 26

York’s Faculty of Environmental Studies Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI) will hold a post-election debrief with five panellists on Wednesday. Join the SEI for an interactive discussion on the results of the 2011 provincial election and the future of sustainable energy in Ontario.

Future Directions for the Green Energy Act and Sustainable Energy will take place Oct. 26, from 11:30 to 2:30pm, beginning with lunch at 280N York Research Tower, followed by the seminar at 120E Stedman Lecture Hall, Keele campus. The event is part of the Sustainable Energy Initiative Seminar Series.

The panellists are: Faculty of Environmental Studies (FES) Professor Mark Winfield (left), co-chair of the SEI along with FES Professor José Etcheverry, Marion Fraser, president of Fraser & Company, former senior policy adviser to the Ministry of Energy and member of the SEI Advisory Committee, FES adjunct Professor Tyler Hamilton, Toronto Star clean energy and technology columnist, and Kristopher Stevens (MES ’08), Ontario Sustainable Energy Association executive director.

Winfield, Master in Environmental Studies-JD Program coordinator, is currently teaching and researching in the areas of environmental policy and governance, sustainable energy and sustainability of urban communities. In 2007, he was awarded the Metcalf Foundation Leaders in the Field Fellowship.

Right: José Etcheverry

Etcheverry’s work is focused on developing practical policy solutions to climate change through collaborative efforts. He is particularly interested in strategies to develop all renewable energy sources to their full potential and in finding new ways to communicate effectively about solutions to climate change and energy problems.

Left: Marion Fraser

With 30 years of experience in the Ontario energy sector, Fraser has worked for and consulted with a wide range of energy companies, associations and energy consumers. She has earned a reputation as a leader in the energy sector with a strong record of participation on boards and committees at the national, provincial and municipal level.

Hamilton is widely recognized as one of the leading clean energy reporters in the country. After a research trip to Iceland, where he investigated work being done on geothermal resources, hydrogen-powered vehicles and hydroelectric facilities, he decided to shift his focus to clean technology.

Right: Tyler Hamilton

Stevens is a frequent speaker on sustainable energy and community power with experience on three continents in the corporate, public and non profit sectors. He was the founding chair of the Green Energy Act Alliance, which led the successful campaign for Ontario’s Green Energy and Green Economy Act.

Left: Kristopher Stevens

The event is free, but registration is required as space is limited. To register or to find out how to access the live webcast of the event, e-mail

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