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Safeguarding Research

What is Safeguarding Research

Research security efforts seek to safeguard research from being inappropriately accessed and used to advance the strategic, military, intelligence or surveillance capabilities of a threat actor. Work in sensitive areas is particularly vulnerable to this threat.

Research Security refers to the ability to identify possible risks to your work through unwanted access, interference, or theft and the measures that minimize these risks and protect the inputs, processes, and products that are part of scientific research and discovery. (ISED: Why safeguard your research? (

Why is Safeguarding Research Important

Your international partnerships are critical to your work. Research security practices help you safeguard your work and make informed decisions about the partnerships you pursue.

Conducting routine due diligence regarding your potential partners will help you build safe, mutually-beneficial and transparent partnerships.

Risks can be mitigated by applying routine due diligence practices. Safeguard your work by:

  • Knowing your industry partners and team members
  • Strengthening cybersecurity measures in place
  • Employing effective data management processes

Safeguarding Research at York University

Safeguarding practices at York aim to equip staff and faculty with information and tools to make informed decisions about global partnerships so that they can pursue healthy, transparent and mutually-beneficial relationships. We will provide you with information, training and resources to help you safeguard your work.

How Can We Support Your Work

  • Training and support on open-source due diligence
  • Sharing information and resources to help you understand the risk environment
  • Providing travel advice to help safeguard you and your work in your travels
  • Understanding risk assessment processes in funding applications
    • Training and support to help you craft meaningful risk assessments and effective mitigation strategies
  • Supporting due diligence measures as you consider new partners and team members
  • Guidance to implement your risk mitigation strategy

Safeguarding Your Work Abroad

We work alongside York International, UIT and Risk Management to help protect your research in your travels.

If you are travelling with access to sensitive information, you may wish to employ additional measures to safeguard your research.

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