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VPRI seeks feedback from York's research community

VPRI seeks feedback from York's research community

Robert Haché, vice-president research & innovation, is seeking feedback from the York University research community.

In particular, he is interested in feedback on the document: "General Evaluative Criteria for Large-Scale Strategic Research Projects and Projects with Institutional Caps".

“York is committed to growing the depth and breadth of its research mandate in order to gain recognition as a leading research-intensive institution,” said Haché. “We recognize the need to further develop transparent criteria to prioritize larger-scale strategic research initiatives and the resources required.”

Right: Robert Haché, vice-president research & innovation

The Office of the Vice-President Research & Innovation (VPRI), in collaboration with the Faculties and the University’s Organized Research Units, has developed a set of General Evaluative Criteria to provide clear and transparent guidance to researchers and research groups. The criteria will be used by VPRI and its advisory bodies to guide the prioritization of strategic research projects and other larger scale initiatives that require significant institutional supports. 

The criteria are meant to provide overarching guidance. Most projects will be expected to be built on a critical mass of excellence, have a research leadership plan, be strategically aligned and opportunistic, and to provide benefits back to the institution and community.

To view the full document and provide feedback, click here (Passport York login required).

Republished courtesy of YFile– York University’s daily e-bulletin.