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York and Southlake sign agreement on ethics approval

York and Southlake sign agreement on ethics approval

York University and Southlake Regional Health Centre have signed a reciprocity agreement enabling researchers engaged in collaborative research projects at both institutions to undergo review by one research ethics board at the host's institution.

“This agreement enhances collaboration for researchers at York and Southlake,” said Robert Haché, York vice-president research & innovation. “By signing this agreement, York and Southlake are taking steps to streamline our efforts and maximize our resources to promote greater efficiency of the ethics review process.”

Pat Clifford, director of research at Southlake, echoed Haché’s sentiment and said he is encouraged by the agreement, as it will lay the groundwork for Southlake to work with York University on additional collaborative research projects.

“As Southlake transitions to a ministry-designated teaching and research facility, our relationships and collaborative efforts with our academic partners will become increasingly important,” said Clifford. “This agreement is illustrative of our commitment to advancing our academic and research agenda, and I’m thrilled at the prospect of being able to free up resources so we can conduct additional research with more efficient and less redundant process.”

As part of this agreement, only one board of record will exist for any study conducted at either institution and it will be either the York Research Ethics Board or the Southlake Research Ethics Board depending on the location where the majority of the work will be conducted and/or the home institution of the majority of the researchers.

As the board of record, Southlake’s Research Ethics Board and the York University Research Ethics Board may approve, reject, propose modifications to, put on hold or terminate a research study at its sole discretion.

For more information, contact Alison Collins-Mrakas, York University's senior manager & policy adviser, research ethics, at, or ext. 55914.

Republished courtesy of YFile– York University’s daily e-bulletin.