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VP Research & Innovation reports to the York community on the PIER consultation draft

VP Research & Innovation reports to the York community on the PIER consultation draft

Vice-President Research & Innovation Robert Haché recently hosted an open forum discussion to report on the consultation draft of York University’s Plan for the Intensification and Enhancement of Research (PIER) and to hear feedback from the York community. The event took place on Wednesday, March 30 at the Keele campus.

Robert Hache

Robert Haché

More than 50 members of the York community attended the open forum to learn more about the consultation draft, which is meant to provide a framework for the engagement of individuals, units and Faculties in growing the intensification of research, scholarship and related creative activity at York University.

Haché delivered a presentation, noting that the PIER consultation draft was developed with feedback received from the community consultations held throughout the fall and winter of 2015-16.  The consultation draft includes 21 recommendations to strengthen the University’s research enterprise across five thematic areas.  PIER is informed by the University’s Strategic Research Plan, Building on Strength.

The PIER recommendations are intended to build upon the basic supports that are available to all researchers at York University for their pursuit of research, scholarship and related creative activity. The recommendations are varied, and cover academic, administrative and support needs. The importance of local engagement and action was highlighted throughout the conversations around PIER, and is a core principle of the plan.

The recommendations are clustered according to five broad areas:

  • Growing a Culture of Scholarly Inquiry
  • Investing In & Promoting People
  • Supporting Research Growth & Development
  • Leadership in Research & Research Advocacy
  • Building Research for the Future

The Open Forum provided an opportunity for participants to share their thoughts about research intensification at York University and the PIER consultation draft. Feedback provided by those present at the open forum addressed a variety of areas, such as the alignment of research and academic programming at the new Markham campus, pre- and post-award support of researchers, graduate student recruitment and recognition of graduate student research, measures and tools for appraising research performance success, and faculty mentorship. A complete summary of the March 30 open forum discussion will be made available on the PIER website in the near future.

“York’s Plan for the Intensification & Enhancement of Research will help to advance opportunities for research and scholarly excellence,” said Haché. “We invite all members of the York University community to continue to share their feedback on the consultation draft, as we work towards finalizing the Plan.”

For more information, visit the PIER website.

Feedback on PIER can also be provided through the online form.