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Two key Gairdner Foundation events to take place at York U, Nov. 19 & 20

Two key Gairdner Foundation events to take place at York U, Nov. 19 & 20

Eric Kandel

This November, two major events are planned involving York University and the Gairdner Foundation. On Nov. 19, there will be a public lecture by Gairdner and Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel, an Austrian-American neuroscientist and a University Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University. Kandel’s lecture will take place at the Toronto Reference Library. In his remarks, Kandel will discuss two perspectives on the current understanding of the neural systems and molecular mechanisms that contribute to learning and long-term memory:

  • How different memory systems were identified in the human brain and how they were shown to be involved in two major forms of neural memory storage: 1) simple memory for perceptual and motor skills and 2) complex memory for facts and events.
  • The studies that demonstrated that long-term memory is reflected in the growth of new synaptic connections.

This will lead into a discussion on how insights into memory storage are allowing us to understand the two major forms of age related memory loss.

For full details about the public lecture, visit the Gairdner website.

On Nov. 20, there will be an all-day, high-profile international symposium on neuroplasticity at York University. Participants can join leading researchers in neuroplasticity as they discuss:

  • Developmental and synaptic plasticity,
  • Adaptive modulation of neural circuits,
  • Neural ensemble organization and plasticity,
  • Neural oscillations in plastic circuits.

For full details about the symposium, visit the Gairdner website.