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Administrative changes in the Office of the Vice-President Research & Innovation

Administrative changes in the Office of the Vice-President Research & Innovation

Interim Vice-President Research & Innovation (VPRI) Rui Wang is pleased to announce that David Phipps and Sarah Howe will take on the roles of assistant vice-president, Research Strategy & Impact, and assistant vice-president, Innovation & Research Partnerships, respectively. These appointments took effect March 1 and are a result of the review of their current roles and responsibilities.

“The proposed changes will benefit the University in research intensification and the expansion of our innovation ecosystem facilitating the fulfillment of the Strategic Research Plan (SRP) and the new University Academic Plan (in development) as well as enhancing research services,” said Wang.

The assistant vice-president positions will enable the University to enhance York’s innovation and knowledge transfer landscape, identify and support increased research partnerships with industry, governments and private sector, and continue to scale up administrative support to the University’s researchers so they can focus on increasing their research activities.

David Phipps

David Phipps is promoted to assistant vice-president, Research Strategy & Impact. Reporting to the VPRI, Phipps will be responsible for the strategic planning, implementing and evaluating pan-University research services, including internal and external research grants, strategic and institutional research initiatives, research impact and international research to increase York’s research performance. His work will focus on: development, delivery, evaluation and impact of research services as assessed by research participation, research income and research impact; enhancing institutional reputation and ranking; and increasing the number of prestigious, team-based research grants. Phipps will act as the principal University liaison for all major provincial and national research funding organizations and research collaboration with international organizations for the purpose of research services.

Sarah Howe

Sarah Howe is promoted to assistant vice-president, Innovation & Research Partnerships. Reporting to the VPRI, Howe will be responsible for strategic direction, objectives, growth and operational and financial performance of innovation activities through Innovation York. She will ensure innovation opportunities are available for undergraduates, graduates, post docs, researchers and faculty members. Howe’s other responsibilities include working with academic leaders to develop strategic plans and grow campus-wide innovation and entrepreneurship, and business development and research partnerships with industry and other public and private sectors, focusing on increasing industry research income for the University.