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YSpace welcomes new cohort of technology startups to its Technology Accelerator program

YSpace welcomes new cohort of technology startups to its Technology Accelerator program

York University’s YSpace welcomes a new cohort of technology startups to its Technology Accelerator program, which begins this month. The four-month virtual accelerator program is designed to support entrepreneurs as they launch and scale their ventures through bootcamps, workshops, one-on-one mentorship, and over $30,000 in cash awards plus perks.

The Technology Accelerator program focuses on helping pre-revenue technology startups execute their go-to-market strategies and acquire customers, providing ample opportunities for hands-on experience, accountability sessions, customized mentorship, and connecting with key partners in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Get to know the 16 technology companies in the 2021 cohort below.

Connexa is a customer service platform dedicated to helping small- and medium-sized companies maintain a human connection with their customers.

Dwellcome is an onboarding platform to welcome residents and help them adapt to their new community after they move in.

Elizion Tech is a groundbreaking nanotech company leading the way in cutting-edge nanomaterials and product development to address 21st century challenges.

Find A Nurse set out to lead the digital transformation of traditional home care and build the next-generation home care system for families.

Honeybee is a cross-platform software that connects researchers and study participants for health studies. Its mission is to modernize health research workflows and democratize health research for all.

HUEX Labs is involved in research and productization around the areas of artificial intelligence, specifically machine learning, data analytics, computer vision and speech recognition technologies. provides accurate and automatic key information extraction from freight documents such as Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice, Packing List and more.

No Fuss Tutors offers immersive one-on-one tutoring programs to catch students up to grade level in 12 weeks. Its vision is to make use of the revenue from its fast-scaling tutoring to fund development of EdTech.

PPalli empowers individuals to build healthy internet-use habits to better their social, physical and mental well-being.

Positive Reactions is a platform for social change. Users are rewarded for doing good, creating a loop of positivity.

Reachout is an early-career community where students can find internship/full-time jobs, employers can hire diverse talent, and career centers can manage the complex works.

Taku Retail makes it possible for physical retail stores to automatically provide a much better digital neighbourhood shopping experience and attract local customers who buy more both in-store and online.

Taonga lets users take back control of their personal documents through an end-to-end encrypted app.

Veer AI helps small- and medium-sized retail companies make data-driven marketing decisions.

VIBRAINT RehUp is a brain-computer interface-based neurorehabilitation system that helps paralyzed people to re-gain limbs motion.

VoxCell BioInnovation Inc. is a biotechnology startup focused on the creation of Canada’s first multiphoton 3D bioprinter.

Courtesy of YFile.