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How to Reach Us

Office of the Vice-President Research & Innovation

Corey AllenSenior Manager, Research Communicationscoreya@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 33782
Joycelyn AmosMarkham Research Operations
Amir AsifVice-President Research & Innovationvpri@yorku.ca416.736.5479
Hajer MirwaliResearch Commons Operations
Barbara EdwardsSenior Policy Advisor, Researchbarbb@yorku.ca416.736.5296
Jennifer HyndmanAssociate Vice-President Researchjhyndman@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 55780
Kelly NinhPolicy Research Services
Ethan Persaud-QuirozResearch Services Coordinatorecpq@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 88886
Felix MosesSenior Executive Officerfmoses@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 58185
Monika SzotaSenior Administrative Assistant (AVP)mszota@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 33777 
Chandra PersaudSenior Financial Officercpersaud@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 58284
Nathalie LaCoste LingORU Research
Tina SposatoExecutive Assistant to the
Vice-President Research & Innovation
tsposato@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 55479
Jennifer SteevesAssociate Vice-President Researchsteeves@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 55780
Emma YuenSenior HR Officeremmay@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 21022
VACANTResearch Service Enhancement Manager
Jayin XuSystem Administrator, Discover York
Arash MousaviResearch Data
Anna KajorSystem Implementation

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Office of Research Services

Joan Broussard
Director, Research Grantsjoanb@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 88859
Christina CorreSIRI Specialistccorre@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 44200
Navneet Kaur BajwaResearch Data & Applications
Yuwn ForresterSIRI Administratoryuwn@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 55752
Michelle GalloroTechnological Information Officermgalloro@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 88861
Emily StewartResearch Applications Coordinator estewart@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 88763
Maheen HasanSIRI Specialistmhasan@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 44200
Denise Jagdeosingh-MartinezResearch Grants Administratordjagdeo@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 22508
David PhippsAssistant Vice-President Research Strategy & Impactdphipps@yorku.ca416.736.2100. x 55813
Mark RosemanDirector, Strategic & Institutional Research Initiatives (SIRI)roseman@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 22507
Mala ThakoorInformation Officermthakoor@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 88858
Abby VogusSIRI Specialistavogus@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 44670

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Innovation Services

Nafis AhmedEntrepreneurship Manager, YSpacenafis08@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 44939
Alina AliMarketing & Events
Anna HanCommercialization
Krista JensenSenior Knowledge Mobilization Specialistkejensen@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 88847
Michael JohnnyKnowledge Mobilization Managermjohnny@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 88876
VACANTCommercialization Manager - VISTA
Sherri KoganResearch Agreements Officerskogan@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 44622
David KwokAssociate Director, Entrepreneurshipdavekwok@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 20595
Suraj ShahAssociate Director, Commercialization
and Industry Partnerships
VACANTAssistant Vice-President, Innovation & Research Partnerships
Janet NewtonResearch Agreements Managernewtonj@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 33786
Diana SenwasaneMarketing & Events Coordinatordesn@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 44195
Rachel SungIndustry Engagement Coordinatorrsung@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 44066
Serena TangYSpace
Andrea ThomasResearch Agreements Coordinatortandrea@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 33780
Marlina RamchandranEntrepreneurship Manager, ELLAmarlina@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 44642
Lamisaa MahmudMarketing & Communications

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Office of Research Ethics

Pelin AsciManager, Research Ethics (On Leave)
Alison Collins-MrakasSenior Manager & Policy Advisoracollins@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 55914
Nadia D'AngeloEthics Review Co-ordinatornaddan@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 40363
Wendy JokhooEthics Review Coordinatorwjokhoo@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 55201
Michael XavierACC

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Research Impact Canada

Trudy ButtonManager of Stakeholder Engagement for Skills
Sandy ChanOperations
Elisabeth HuangBilingual Knowledge Mobilization
Imane KhozamBilingual Knowledge Mobilization Specialist
Kimberly KnightEvaluation and Research
Valentina Latorre FrankyEvaluation and Research
Julia LevinManager, Knowledge
Crystal OlsonSkills Sector Partnership
Marie PageSkills Sector Partnership
Meaghan RealesmithSkills Sector Partnership
Connie TangDirector, Strategy & Business Developmenttangc@yorku.ca437.240.2673
Sylvia UrbanikKnowledge Mobilization Specialisturbanik@yorku.ca437.232.6220
Bissy WaariyoManager, Evaluation and Continuous

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Sana BachaAdministrative
Herb GoltzSustainability Officer/Partnerships Managerhgoltz@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 44197
Caitlin MullinProgram
Hadiza SaiduAdministrative
Tara TharaniOperations Managerttharani@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 44162
Olivia Lin ZhengSenior Finance Managerlinlinma@yorku.ca416.736.2100 x 44192

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