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Controlled Goods

Innovation York will help you determine if you need to register with the federal government through the Controlled Goods Program and will perform the necessary steps to complete that registration on your behalf.

What is the Controlled Goods Program?

The Controlled Goods Program is a stringent security system mandated by the Defense Production Act of Canada that regulates and controls the examination, possession or transfer of controlled goods. Anyone who deals with controlled goods in Canada (including examining, possessing or transferring controlled goods controlled by a research partner) is required to register with the Controlled Goods Program, including researchers contracting with industry and other non-academic partners.

Some examples of controlled goods that are covered by the program include firearms and ammunition, many different kinds of munitions, and aerospace, satellite and other goods/ technologies that guide weapons, satellite and navigation systems.  View the Full Export Control List.

What will we do?

Registration is relatively easy and involves a police check, reference checks and a series of questions that will inform decisions about your suitability to examine, possess or transfer controlled goods. There is a charge for police checks that is not an eligible cost on a tri-council grant. Applications take two to four weeks to process from the time they are received by ORS. The process can take longer if the application needs to be reviewed by the Controlled Goods Directorate.