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Weekly Highlights: March 11, 2022

Weekly Highlights: March 11, 2022

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Workers' Stories in the COVID-19 Era
Read the 16th installment of Workers' Stories in the COVID-19 Era, a dialogue series aimed at building a collection of worker narratives during the COVID-19 pandemic. "'Just See Us': Reflections from a Filipina Barista Working During the Pandemic," written by GLRC Associate Christina Love (Undergraduate Student, Indigenous Studies & French), features a Filipina barista/supervisor at Tim Hortons who stresses the importance of compartmentalizing the abuse she faces at work in order to keep moving forward and support her family back home. Check out the full series here.

COVID-19 and the World of Work Blog
In a new article for our COVID-19 and the World of Work BlogGLRC Associate Joseph Fantauzzi (PhD Candidate, York University) examines how Bill 88 falls short of supporting gig workers by not classifying them as employees and granting them access to rights outlined in the Employment Standards Act. Find this article and more from our blog here.


Unsettling the University: Activism, Scholarship and the Political Inspirations of Mary-Jo Nadeau honours the intellectual and political legacy of Dr. Mary-Jo Nadeau (1965-2021). The event consists of three panels that each focus on an aspect of Mary-Jo’s activism and scholarship: dedication to anti-racist feminisms, Palestinian solidarity, and labour and academic freedom in the university. The panels will be livestreamed on YouTube. Visit our website for more information.
When: Friday, April 8, 2022 from 10:30 am - 3:30 pm ET